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Picture of Ruptela EasyCAN

Ruptela EasyCAN

EasyCAN is used for fast and safe connection to a vehicle’s on-board computer (CANbus). EasyCAN connects a GPS tracking device to the vehicle’s onboard computer, without cutting any wires and without violating the manufacturer’s warranty. EasyCAN can read data from FMS and J1708 CANbus.
From US$ 21.50
Picture of Ruptela Wire Reader RFID 125 kHz

Ruptela Wire Reader RFID 125 kHz

1-Wire RFID reader is a small card-reader for UNIQUE standard 125 kHz frequency cards that enables driver identification.
From US$ 30.00
Picture of Ruptela - TCO5 16pin harness

Ruptela - TCO5 16pin harness

US$ 8.90
Picture of Ruptela Pro4/Tco4 antenna

Ruptela Pro4/Tco4 antenna

US$ 10.50
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