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LIGO SP-PC LMC Calibrator

Ligo Calibrator
From US$ 72.00

LIGO SP-RS485L7 Digital Fuel Level Sensor 700mm with 1000MM Cable

Digital Fuel level sensor LIGO SP - RS485L7 --- Length: 700mm - Wire Cable: 1000mm
From US$ 100.00

IOSiX ELD Connector WiFi + Bluetooth LE + GPS

The hardware connects directly to the J1939 port and is compatible with virtually all ELD systems. The connector comes in various versions to support your needs, and custom firmware and development API is also available.
US$ 105.00

Ruptela EasyCAN

EasyCAN is used for fast and safe connection to a vehicle’s on-board computer (CANbus). EasyCAN connects a GPS tracking device to the vehicle’s onboard computer, without cutting any wires and without violating the manufacturer’s warranty. EasyCAN can read data from FMS and J1708 CANbus.
From US$ 21.00

Ruptela Wire Reader RFID 125 kHz

1-Wire RFID reader is a small card-reader for UNIQUE standard 125 kHz frequency cards that enables driver identification.
From US$ 30.00

Blue Coin ID IDF10240D

Blue Coin ID
From US$ 26.00

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