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Professional solution for companies wishing to monitor CAN data from any kind of transport. More than 2500 different models of light vehicles, trucks, buses, agriculture transport and special transport are currently supported.
US$ 110.00

Teltonika Eye Sensor

Discover our Bluetooth Low Energy ID beacon and sensor models with robust casing and long life-time battery. They are designed for a low-cost fast and easy configuration and integration to save precious time, resources, and improve profitability.
From US$ 28.00

Teltonika FM3001 - 3G Plug & Track Full Diagnostics Vehicle Tracking Dongle w/ Bluetooth.

Advanced Plug & Track 3G Vehicle Tracking Dongle with bluetooth LE 4.0 connectivity.
From US$ 61.00

Teltonika FMB125 - 2G Vehicle Tracker with Dual Sim, Bluetooth, 1-wire & RS232/RS485.

Professional 2G Vehicle Tracker with dual sim capabilty, internal and external antennas, bluetooth LE 4.0 and 1-wire connectivity, digital/analog I/O's and RS232/RS485.
From US$ 46.00

Teltonika FMB130 - 2G Vehicle Tracker with flexible inputs configuration

Advanced 2G terminal with GNSS and 2G/GSM connectivity. GNSS/GSM/Bluetooth tracker with internal GNSS/GSM antennas and internal battery.
From US$ 44.00

Teltonika FMB920 - 2G Vehicle Tracker w/ Bluetooth & Digital / Analog I/O's

2G GPS Vehicle Tracker with bluetooth LE 4.0 connectivity, internal battery and digital/analog I/O's. Solid waterproof case with accelerometer
From US$ 36.00

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